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Fire Apparatus At The Funeral Of N.L.R.F.D. Chief Jim Murphy
Lakewood United Methodist Church - March 23, 2017
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NLRFD Rescue 5

NLRFD Engine 7

NLRFD Trucks 1 And 7

NLRFD Truck 1

NLRFD Rescue 1

NLRFD Engine 4

NLRFD Battalion 1

NLRFD Engine 8

Oak Grove F.D.

East Pulaski F.D.

NLRFD Truck 7

NLRFD Engine 2
(Operating On Standby Engine 106)
NLRFD Engine 10

NLRFD Engine 3

NLRFD Engine 1

NLRFD Engine 6

NLRFD Engine 11
(Operating On Standby Engine 101)

NLRFD Engine 9

Little Rock F.D. Truck 1 filling in at N.L.R.F.D. Central Station on March 23, 2017 -- This allowed
NLRFD firefighters to attend Chief Jim Murphy's Funeral. Little Rock Engine 1 was also filling
in at NLR Central Station, but it was out on a run when this photo was made.

Area Fire Departments filled in at NLR Fire Stations this morning so that on-duty personnel could attend Chief Murphy's funeral.
Apparatus from the following departments was observed at NLR Fire Stations: (This is not a complete list.) Little Rock F.D. (Engine 1 and Truck 1),
Maumelle F.D. (Engine 2); Pine Bluff Fire Department (Pine Bluff's Engine 6 was at North Little Rock's Station 6!), Jacksonville Fire Dept (Engine 1),
Sherwood Fire Department (Engine 2), Gravel Ridge Fire Department (Engine 71), and Conway Fire Dept.