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NLRFD Engine 4
A 2021 Pierce Enforcer Custom 1500 GPM Pumper
Placed In Service On April 5, 2021

Appreciation to G&W EVS of Conway, AR for allowing
use of the two above photos!
1500 GPM Pump; 750 Gallon Tank; High Compartments on left side and right sides, Booster Line In Front Bumper;
Air Conditioned; Ground Ladders on Right SideTop. Carries defilibrator and large diameter hose; Deck Gun.

More Photos of New Engine 4
Thanks to G&W EVS off Conway For Allowing Use Of These Photos

Pierce Delivery Photo of New Engine 4

2021 Pierce Enforcer
1 Captain,
1 Lieutenant,
and 1 Firefighter
Chassis: Enforcer 7010 cab;
Body: Medium Pumper Body -- Doors: 4
Engine: Cummins L9, 450 hp -- Headset system: David Clark wired Scene lighting: HiViz Brow Light/Fire Research on side of cab; Pump: Waterous, CSU, 1500 GPM, Single Stage; Deck Gun -- Top Mount Pump Panel -- Water tank: 750 Gallons; Heated/ Remote Control Mirrors With Convex Section; Wheelen Freedom IV 92' L.E.D. Light Bar HIVIZ FT-B-X-72 L.E.D. Scene Light; Tray In The Front Bumper For 125' Of 1.75" Attack Line; Federal Q2B Siren;; Grover Air Horns; Hydraulic Ladder Rack; Roll Up Compartment Doors; 2 Hose Bed Dividers,
Booster Reel mounted on top.