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Apparatus at N.L.R.F.D. Station 2


ABOVE: Engine 2 - A 2019 Pierce Enforcer 1500 GPM Pumper
With 750 Gallon Tank
Below: HazMat 1 - A 2002 Freightliner/ E-One Apparatus

The 2002 Freightliner/ E-One shown on the day that it arrived at the NLRFD in the fall of 2001. The late Chief Wesley Springer is
shown surveying the new truck.
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HazMat 1on March 27, 2019 during a drill
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HazMat 2 - A 2012 Ford Diesel F-250/ 4 Door Cab

Typical Trailer of NLRFD HazMat
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Special Operations and Hazmat Apparatus Housed at NLRFD Station Number Two

2002 Freightliner/
E-One Apparatus
Crewed by Engine 2
This apparatus now serves as a HazMat Apparatus. This unit carries all equipment and materials needed for Hazardous Materials Incidents. An accompanying trailer has additional equipment and materials for Major HazMat Incidents. The truck also has an air-filtration system for supplying breathing air should the need arise.
HAZMAT 2 2012 F-250 Diesel
4 Wheel Drive
Crew Cab Pickup
Crewed by Engine 2 Has "5th Wheel" and Trailer Hitch: Pulls HazMat Trailer or Decon Trailer