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Welcome To The "Fire Museum" of The N.L.R.F.D. Unofficial Website.
Last Update September 11, 2021
The 1996 E-One Pumper is now included in the museum

Station 6 at 3500 Camp (1965-2021) is now included in the museum.

From The Past - 1947 American LaFrance Model 775-PGC
Registry Number L-3272 This incredible photo was made by J.A. Tooney in August 1976. This ALF was
one of two identical trucks purchased by the NLRFD. The twin to this truck had been the current Company 5.
It went to Reserve Status. The pumper pictured above came from Station 4 to Station 5 in 1971. Thanks
to John Arthur, historian and photographer of the Little Rock F.D. and North Little Rock F.D.for sending
me this great photo.

The Photo above is another photo made by J.A. Tooney in 1976. This ALF was the second of two identical
trucks purchased by the NLRFD. This truck was originally Company 3, and later was Company 5.
(The 1947 & 1959 ALF's were swapped.) By the time this photo was made, the 1947 ALF
was the First Out Reserve Pumper of the NLRFD. Thanks to John Arthur for this great photo!

The FIRST N.L.R.F.D. Aerial Truck found! (Photo by Rich Miller) Click HERE for photos.

Above Photo Used With Permission of Ruth Farris; Courtesy of Bernice
Springer -
John Snow, Tom Farris and Tom Exum at the FIRST Station 2 on East 3rd (E. Broadway) in the R. R. Prioleau Building - October, 1925.
A horse-drawn hose wagon on Fifth Street. Old Central Station at 506 Newton (now Main St.) is just across the street. Note the rear step on the
hose wagon,

Second motorized apparatus of the NLRFD- A 1917 Ford Model T, with one of the horse-drawn hose wagons attached with a Smith "Form-A Truck"
Chassis. Click HERE for more information on the first NLRFD Company 2

This 1925 Seagrave pumper was the first "big" pumper of the NLRFD. It could pump 750 gallons of water per minute. This apparatus cost over
$13,000 in 1925.


The following are found on this portion of the website:

(1) Pictures of virtually all retired NLRFD Apparatus
(2) Pictures and/or information about all former NLR Fire Stations
(3) Old Documents - Invoices, etc
(4) A "Master Personnel List" since 1904 (Corrections Welcomed!)
(5) Historic Pictures
(6) An All Time Master List of Apparatus for the North Little Rock Fire Department


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