North Little Rock Fire Department Unofficial Website

The North Little Rock City Council has approved a resolution (R-08-56) to
appropriate $87,000.00 for the purchase of 2.261 acres 'more or less'
at the intersection of Michaela Drive and Judy Drive.

Click HERE to read a copy of NLR Resolution R-08-56

A new North Little Rock Fire Station is to be constructed on this site.

This location is close to the intersection of U.S. Highway 165 and State Highway
391. This section of the city is growing very quickly. Presently, The two closest
fire stations are Station 10 at 8800 U.S. 70 and Station 2 at 3700 East Broadway.
Obviously, this new Fire Station is a real need for the citizens in this part of the city.

Click HERE for a Google Map of the proposed location for the new NLR Fire Station.

Note: N.L.R. Ordinance 09-48 (March 23, 2009 N.L.R. City Council Meeting) (Link Below)
lists the location of the proposed new Fire Station as "Blaze and Smitty Drive"

Click HERE
to view N.L.R. Ordinance 09-48