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Information and More Photos of Station 7 "THE ROCK"
2401 McCain Blvd. - Home of Engine 7 and Truck 7

Apparatus Housed in NLRFD Station Number Seven
ENGINE 7 2017 Pierce
Impel 1500 GPM
1 Captain;
1 Lieut. and
1-2 Fire Fighters
Went In Service May 1, 2017 - 1500 GPM Pump - 750 Gallon Tank - Cummins ISL9 - 450 HP Diesel Engine - Jacobs Brake - Allison 5 speed 5th Generation Automatic Transmission 3000 EVS P - Dual Zone Air Conditioning - Hose Bed Capacity for 1000' 5 inch - 1000' of 3 inch hose - Gortite Roll Up Compartment Doors - Waterous 1500 GPM Single Stage Pump - 150' of 1" Booster Hose - Top Mount Pump Panel - 2 Grover Stutter Tone Air Horns - Wheelen 295SLSA1 Siren - "Jump
Line" in front bumper
TRUCK 7 2020 Pierce Velocity 100' Mid Mount Platform / Quint 1 Captain;
1 Lieut.
and up to 1
Fire Fighter.
TAK-4, Clean Cab Design, Command Zone 3 Multiplexing, Front and side roll airbags, Stabilizer placement cameras, 2 Elkhart monitors on basket, Velocity Chassis, 100' Aerial Tower Body, Cummins X12 Engine 500 hp, Headset system: David Clark Wired, Scene lighting: Whelen 12v LED, Waterous, S100, 2000 GPM, Single Stage Pump, 300 Gallon Water Tank, Ascendant 100' Aerial Tower

Engine 7's pumper, a 2017 Pierce Impel was delivered on May 1, 2017. Station 7 opened in 1961.  It was literally in the "middle of the woods."  Only one side of Mc Cain Blvd. extended as far as Station 7.  Everything else was woods east of the station.

Today NLR Fire Station #7 has an incredible amount of property to protect. Station 7 protects the Lakewood House, one of the tallest structures in the city, along with NLR High School East Campus, Lakewood Middle School, Lakewood and Crestwood Elementary
Schools, Lakewood Village, Mc Cain Mall, The Other Center (which are three extremely large shopping areas) as well as Home Depot,
the New Baptist Health Center -North Little Rock and many other businesses and homes of all descriptions. Station 7's District has
a huge monetary value with all of the large shopping centers and malls.

Truck 7 protects the citizens of NLR north of I-30. It runs on all structure fire north of I-40, including the far western part of the city.
(Engine 4's district).

Truck 7 (2020 Pierce Mid Mount Platform/Quint) and Engine 7 (2017 Pierce Impel 1500 GPM Custom)


Interesting Facts about Station 7, Engine 7 and Truck 7: When Station 7 first opened, it was in the
woods! Only one
side of Mc Cain was paved - the side that connected with Station 7. There was not one structure
within several blocks of Station 7 upon its Grand Opening! The 1961 International/Central that was Engine 7'S first
pumper and its sister pumper at Station 8 were the first two vehicles of the N.L.R.F.D. to have air brakes. When
Engine 7 finally got an alarm, the air pressure was low on the pumper, so the crew had to pump up the air pressure
before the truck could leave the fire station. This, obviously, was not going to work, since it took almost two minutes to
pump up sufficient air pressure. An auxilliary air tank was installed in the cab on the driver's side. If the air pressure
was low, a lever connecting to a value on the tank was worked by the driver, and there was instant air pressure in the
system, so the pumper ould go on a run immediately!

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Present Truck 7 and Engine 7

Former Truck 7 and Engine 7