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Latest Photos of the New NLRFD Pierce Enforcer Pumper From G&W Diesel's Facebook Page - New Pumper Has Completed Testing - See Link Below ------- Latest Photos Of New Station 6 - See Link Below ----- In Appreciation Of N.L.R.F.D. Firefighters For Their Exceptional Efforts During The Pandemic -----


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1947 ALF At Sta. 5
1947 ALF at Central
Ford V-8 Orig Co 4
  ALF V-12 Engine. Orig Co 3


Appreciation To NLRFD Chief Gerald Tucker for Permission to use the link below on
Link To NLRFD Facebook Page - New Engines 2 And 3 Arriving at Station 1 on 4-29-19

The New Pierce Enforcer Pumper In Production
Pics From G&W's Facebook Page Updated 12-23-2020
(Look For the White Arrow(s) on each photo to see the next photos)

Specs For New 2020 Pierce Pumper

Arrival Of New Truck 7 At The NLRFD

Pics of New Engine 2 .. .Pics of New Engine 3

NLR Proud Projects Updates
Includes Fire Station Improvements

(Of North Little Rock Fire Fighters)

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