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What's New At The NLRFD - Updated July 15, 2017

July 15, 2017
Assistant Chief Gerald Tucker officially became the Chief of the NLRFD today. The ceremony for his swearing in was yesterday at 1:00 pm in the City Council Chambers of City Hall.

July 10, 2017
Engine 10's photo on its homepage has been updated. Click HERE to see the new photo.

July 1, 2017
North Little Rock Mayor Joe Smith announced on Friday, June 30, 2017 that NLRFD Assistant Chief Gerald Tucker had been appointed as the Chief of the NLRFD, effective July 15, 2017. Chief
Tucker has been the Interim Chief of the NLRFD since former Chief Jim Murphy passed away on March 18, 2017. (This information was obtained from an article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
of July 1, 2017.)

June 26, 2017
At its meeting on June 12, 2017, The North Little Rock City Council accepted a "FEMA Grant For $600,000.00 UNDER THE FY 2016 Assistance to firefighters Grant Program." This grant will allow for the "purchase of thermal imaging cameras and protective equipoment" for the NLRFD. The city's share of this grant was 10% ($60,000.00), which was paid for out of Act 833 Funds. Captain Billy Jones stated that the "grant will allow the department to replace air packs used by firefighters, buy additional masks and 16 thermal imaging cameras."

June 3, 2017
All of the area under the LINKS button at the top of each webpage has been completely reworked. Other
Fire Departments in Pulaski County were update, as was the webpage link for AR Fallen Firefighters, Manufacturers of Apparatus, and Related Websites. Other Fire Departments In Arkansas (except Pulaski County) and other Fire Departments in other states were deleted. It has proven too great of a task to keep all of these current.

There is now a link under Station 1 for SUPPORT 1, and there is a link under Station 11 for SUPPORT 11. Both of these are Humvee Vehicles. Both of these vehicles can also be viewed by clicking
on the .. Humvees, which is a sub-menu of on the main menu.
May 30, 2017
The NLRFD has taken delivery of two brand new 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 four-door pickup trucks. These two vehicles both have a HEMI 5.7 Liter Engine. The Assistant Fire Marshall and the Deputy Fire Marshall wil trade their 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazers for the new Dodge Trucks. Click HERE and HERE for photos of the new trucks. They are so new, that they have no markings as of yet.

May 29, 2017
The following apparatus reassignments have been made: The 2017 Pierce Impel (as previously mentioned) is now assigned to Engine 7 The 2011 Ferrara Pumper which was formerly assigned to Engine 7 is now assigned to Engine 9 The 2001 Pierce Contender Pumper, which was formerly assigned to Engine 9, is now assigned to Engine 4. The 1996 E-One Custom Pumper, which was assigned to Engine 4 is now a reserve engine.

May 14, 2017
The Engine 7 webpage, Engine 7 Info Webpage, Station 7 Webpage, and Station 7 Info Webpage have all been updated with photos that include the new 017Pierce Impel Pumper.

May 6, 2017
NLRFD'S New 2017 Pierce Impel Pumper went into service as Engine 7 on May 1, 2017. Check out the photos of this pumper (Click the Apparaus Button at the top of any webpage, and then click on "Engines" from the drop-down menu.)


April 14, 2017:
Engine 1's Homepage has been updated with a newer photo.

April 10, 2017:
CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR FIRE DEPARTMENT! BEGINNING JULY 1, 2017 THE NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR FIRE DEPARTMENT WILL HAVE A CLASS 1 ISO RATING! This is the best rating that the ISO (Insurance Service Office) gives a Fire Department. A lot of work went into earning this extremely high rating. The North Little Rock Fire Department page on Facebook states that there are 242 other Fire Departments in the U.S.A. that have a Class1 Rating from the ISO.

The Facebook Page for North Little Rock City Government has posted a photo of the new 2017 Pierce Impel Pumper for the NLRFD.

April 9, 2017:
The All Time List of Apparatus Webpage and the All Present Apparatus Webpage have been updated. Engine 9's Webpage, Station 9's Webpage, and Station 10's webpages have all been updated. Also, Reserve Rescue 16 (Fromer Rescue 19) was moved to the museum section of the website to reflect the fact that this apparatus has been decomissioned by the NLRFD.

March 28, 2017
This morning the N.L.R.F.D. Unofficial Website unveiled the new look of its homepage. ( The new slide show lets visitors see a quick look at each of the fourteen (14) front line fire companies. Enjoy!

March 23, 2017
Area Fire Departments filled in at NLR Fire Stations this morning so that on-duty personnel could attend Chief Murphy's funeral. Apparatus from the following departments was observed at NLR Fire Stations: (This is not a complete list.) Little Rock F.D. (Engine 1 and Truck 1), Maumelle F.D. (Engine 2); Pine Bluff Fire Department (Pine Bluff's Engine 6 was at North Little Rock's Station 6!), Jacksonville Fire Dept (Engine 1), Sherwood Fire Department (Engine 2), Gravel Ridge Fire Department (Engine 71), and Conway Fire Dept.

Click HERE to see photos of the North Little Rock Fire Department apparatus at Lakewood United Methodist Church.

Mach 20, 2017

March 19, 2017
Social media sites and local television stations are reporting the passing of N.L.R.F.D. Chief Jim Murphy. There is no information regarding services at this point. Sincere coondolences from this website to his family.

February 12, 2017
NLRFD'S New 2017 Pierce Impel Pumper continues through the assembly process at the Pierce factory. Construction photos are listed on the homepage of this

January 31, 2017
EVS Emergency Vehicle Specialists (Pierce Dealer For North Little Rock) is now showing construction photos of the new Pierce Impel Pumper for the NLRFD
on its Facebook Page. Click HERE to see the photos from EVS. (You will need to scroll down.)

July 12, 2016:
The North Little Rock City Council approved the purchase of a new Pierce Impel Pumper for the NLRFD at its regularly schedule meeting on July 11, 2016.
The new pumper will have a 1500 GPM pump, a 750 gallon water tank, a Cummins ISL9 450HP Diesel engine, and an Allison Transmission.

Click HERE
to see details of the new Pierce Impel Pumper. This link will go to the Official City of NLR Website.
Scroll down the PDF document to see the official specs of the new NLRFD Pumper.

June 9, 2016:
Truck 1, 2006, A Ferrara 107' Rear Mount Aerial/ Quint returned to service around June 1, 2016. Truck 1 had been at the Ferrara Factory
for major body repairs for serveral months.

April 26, 2016:
Truck 1 is now operating on a Reserve Pumper. The 2006 Ferrara 107' Quint was damaged in a collision some months ago, and is
still at the Ferrara factory. Hopefully, it will soon be returning to North Little Rock.

December 20, 2015: Here is a link to phtos of the three 2015 Pierce Pumpers at a ceremony at NLRFD Central Station: Click Here.

October 16, 2015:
NLRFD Fire Station 11 had its Grand Opening on Friday, October 16, 2015. Engine 11's first apparatus is a 2001 Pierce Contender with a 1250 GPM pump and
a 1000 gallon water tank. Click on Station 11's homepage or Engine 11's for more information.

May 28, 2015:
Engine 10 was the final NLRFD Engine Company to receive a new 2015 Pierce Saber Pumper. Please see the photo of New Engine 10 being prepared to go
in service - About 7:15pm on May 28, 2015.

The back lot at Central Station had five pumpers parked on it - Plus Brush One. The five pumpers were: Engine 10's former 2001 Pierce Contender, Former
Engine 8 (1997 Freightliner/ Smeal), Engine 101 (1995 E-One), Former Engine 4 (1995 E-One), and Standby Engine 103 (1987 Pierce)

New Vehicle For Safety 1: 2015 Dodge Ram 1500

May 23, 2015:
Engine 1 was the second Engine Company to receive a new 2015 Pierce Saber Pumper. This took place on May 22nd.

Former Engine 1 (1996 E-One 1250 GPM Pumper) went in service this morning as Engine 4. This pumper has an engine that was completely
rebuilt in the last few years. It looks like Engine 10's Pierce Contender will very possibly end up as a reserve pumper.

May 22, 2015:
Engine 6 was the first Engine Company in the NLRFD to receive a new 2015 Pierce Saber Pumper. (This took place on May 21, 2015.)
Engine 1 and Engine 10 will also soon be responding to alarms on new 2015 Pierce Saber Pumpers. Engine 6's 2011 Ferrara Custom
Pumper is now Engine 8 of the NLRFD. Present Engine 1 (1996 E-One) and Present Engine 10 (2001 Pierce Contender) will obviously
be reassigned to another Engine Company or as a Reserve Pumper.

February 11, 2015:
The North Little Rock City Council approved an expenditure of $18,700.00 for leasing the property at 9906 East U.S. Highway 165 by a vote of 7-0.
The $18,700.00 would be for the first year's lease Click HERE for a link to North Little Rock's Official City Website and the Resolution Authorizing
The Lease Agreement

February 9, 2015:
The North Little Rock City Council will vote on $18,700.00 for leasing property at 9906 U.S. Highway 165 East as a long needed Fire Station for the
citizens of the far east end of North Litte Rock. This vote will take place at the regularly scheduled city council meeting on Monday, February 9. 2015.
This was announced in an article on Page 1B of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette for Sunday, February 8th. The 18,700.00 would include the first year's
lease and "related expenses." A 1,920 square foot building is included with the property.

February 3, 2015:
The NLR City Council voted 8-0 yesterday to approve the purchase of three pumpers from Pierce Manufacturing Company. The cost: $396096 each. An
estimated arrival of the newest and really needed additions to the NLRFD is March 1st. An article appears in the "B" section of today's Arkansas Democrat-
Gazette. More information will be on this website as it becomes available.

January 31, 2015:
A Special Called Meeting of the NLR City Council has been set for 12:00 Noon on Monday, February 2, 2015. The purpose of the meeting is for the purpose
of buying three Pierce Saber Fire Engines for the NLRFD. Details may be viewed on the actual City Council Ordinance by clicking here

November 15, 2014:
According to a recent article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, North Little Rock Major Joe Smith has voiced his support for a Five Year Plan which will replace
much of the NLRFD's old and worn out apparatus. Mayor Smith supports $1.25 million being allocated in 2015 for the purchase of new fire apparatus for North
Little Rock. The NLR City Council still must approve this plan and funds for purchasing the fire apparatus.

Reserve Aerial 1 (1975 American LaFrance Snorkle) and Reserve Aerial 2 (1981 American LaFrance 100' rear mount aerial) have both been taken out of service,
due to their age (39 years and 33 years) and safety concerns. These are the last two American LaFrance trucks on inventory at the NLRFD.

August 6: 2014:
Chief Jim Murphy became the Chief of the North Little Rock Fire Department in a ceremony held on August 4, 2014.

April 28, 2014:
The "J.W. Springer II" has arrived at the N.L.R.F.D. This new Fire Boat is named for the late Chief J.W. Springer- a long time Battalion Chief and
Fire Marshall of the N.L.R.F.D. Click HERE to see photos of the J.W. Springer II.

October 30, 2013:  Truck 1 (2006 Ferrara 102' Aerial/ Quint) returned to service yesterday.  There were some anxious moments as the
apparatus was unloaded from the truck that was carry it back to North Little Rock. The aerial is now in service as Truck 1
after a very long absence.

October 1, 2013:
Truck 7 (2002 Pierce 100' Platform/ 2000 GPM Quint) returned to service on the afternoon of September 30, 2013.

September 22, 2013:
Standy Engine 103, a 1987 Pierce Arrow, was filling in as Truck 7 as of the afternoon of September 21, 2013. (This was a weekend.) Reserve Aerial 2
(1981 American LaFrance 100' rear mount aerial) continues to fill in as Truck1 at Central.
Reserve Aerial 1 (1975 ALF Snorkel) has not been called to service in quite some time now.

July 17, 2013:
On the
Agenda for the July 22, 2013 NLR City Council Meeting: A RESOLUTION for a Mutual Aid Agreement between the NLR Fire Dept. and the Sherwood F.D.

May 3
0, 2013:
The Unofficial NLRFD Website is now up and running again. It
took some time to move the volumes of webpages and photos that are part of this site. The situation? The webmaster of absolutely refused to pay an annual fee that was close to double of what was customary for hosting this website! The solution? A much better deal was found after shopping around. Installing the Linux (free) operating system on an old 'box' and hosting this from home is still an option.

May 9, 2013:
Truck 7, a 2002 Pierce 100
' Platform/ 2000 GPM Quint, returned to service at Station 7 yesterday.

May 5, 2013: Standby Aerial 2 (1981 American LaFrance Rear Mount 100') was observed in service today as Truck 7 at Station 7.

April 20, 2013:
Truck 7 (2002 Pierce 100' Platform/ Quint (2000 GPM) returned to service on Friday, April 19, 2013 after a four month stint in the shop for repairs for its computer system. During this fourth month interval, Reserve Truck 2 (1981 American LaFrance 100' Rear Mount) filled in as Truck 7, except for one day when Standby Engine 102 filled in as Truck 7.

Feb. 23, 2013:
Reserve Aerial 2 (1981 American LaFrance 100' rear mount aerial) continues to fill in as Truck 7 at Station 7. Reserve Aerial 2 has been stationed at Station 7 for the last few weeks. The 2002 100' Pierce Platform/ Quint has been experiencing issues which are most like within its computer system and/ or wiring. Diagnosis and repairs are still underway.

October 20, 2012:

Four NLRFD Vehicles are headed to the NLR City Auction. The Auction will be on October 25, 2012. A 2001 Dodge Durango (former 924 and 931), along with a 1989 Chevrolet 4-door dual rear tire pickup truck (938) will both be at the auction. Also, two Ford Crown Vic NLRFD Staff Vehicles will also be sold at the auction.

The "All Time Apparatus List" and "Present Apparatus List" on this website have both been updated to reflect the five new vehicles that have recently been put in service. (Battalion 1 - (3/4 Chevy Long Wheel Base Pickup), 935 and 945 (new Chevy 1/2 ton 4 door pickups) , 948 (2013 Chevy Impala), and 938's new Ford 4X4 Pickup.

September 19, 2012:
The new Apparatus for N.L.R.F.D. Battalion 1 has arrived at Central Station. Click HERE for a photo.

A new Chevrolet Impala has arrived at Central Station. Click HERE for a photo. This car will go to the Fire Marshal of the N. L. R. F .D. - 948 --
. 948's Toyota Highlander will move to 942 in the Fire Marshal's Office.

Two new Chevy 4 door pickup trucks for Staff Officers have arrived at Central Station. Click HERE for a photo. These trucks are to replace present 935 and 945
vehicles. (Training Captain and Administrative Captain)

The NLRFD is in the process of establishing a CERT program in NLR. Three NLRFD Firefighters have attended a class to train interested NLR citizens to become part of a team that would respond to major emergencies in the city to assist both the  NLRPD and NLRFD. At this time brocures are being printed to pass out at Firefest, national night out and some of the neighborhood meetings. Here is a link to the CitizenCorp website:

August 1, 2012:
A new Ford F250 4X4 Pick Up Truck has arrived at the N.L.R.F.D. Click here for a photo. This vehicle probably will be assigned to pull a trailer, such as Special Operations or Haz-Mat.

The new 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Long Wheel Base 4-Wheel Drive 3/4 Ton Extended Cab Pickup, which will be the new Battalion 1, is awaiting a CNG conversion. After the CNG conversion, it will be delivered to the NLRFD.

Two new Chevy 1/2 ton pickup trucks and a Chevrolet Impala additionally are now on order for the NLRFD.

July 18, 2012:
A resolution for the purchase of two 2013 1/2 ton pickup trucks from Bale Chevrolet for the N.L.R.F.D. is on the Agenda for the 7-23-2012 NLR City Council Meeting. Also included in this resolution is the purdchase of a Chevrolet Impala for the N.L.R.F.D. C lick HERE to read the resolution.

July 7, 2012:
CLICK HERE for photos at Station 2 on July 7, 2012: Standby Engine 101 and Hazmat 939 were both parked in front of the station.

Engines 2, 1 and 10, Truck 1, Rescue 1, and Battalion 1 all responded to a structure fire at East Broadway and Clover Streets on July 6, 2012. With temperatures well in excess of 100F, conditions were extremely hot. A video of this incident is post at Click HERE to view the video.

May 30, 2012:
The Annual Ladder Test of all NLRFD Pumpers and Aerial Ladder Trucks was taking place today. The testing will include all front line pumpers and aerials, as well as Reserve Apparatus.

Standby Engine 101 has returned to the NLRFD with a new transmission installed. This pumper should soon be ready for assignments when regular pumpers are out of service.

May 10, 2012:
Standby Engine 101, a 1995 E-One 1250 GPM Custom Pumper (Former Engine 7), is now having undergoing a transmission overhaul. When this apparatus returns to the NLRFD, it should be ready for service.

May 5, 2012:
Photos of the "Finished Product" of the new Brush Truck are now displayed on the website: CLICK HERE

April 15, 2012:
The New NLRFD Brush Truck has decals, lettering, light bar, new paint, and all equipment in order. Check out the latest photos. CLICK HERE

April 7, 2012:
The "new" Brush Truck of the N.L.R.F.D. has been returned to Central Station after being painted red. Photos will follow, when the truck is parked in a good location. This apparatus is quite an improvement over the previous 1961 General Motors former U.S. Arny "duece and a half." This truck has a Diesel engine, automatic transmission, and received an extensive refurbishment in 1999.

March 25, 2012:
Truck 7 has returned to its regular apparatus, the 2002 Pierce 100' Platform/ Quint as of 3/24/2012. The exchange most likely took place on Friday, 3/23/2012.

March 20, 2012:
Battalion 924 is now know as Battalion 1. Since the Engine, Truck and Rescue Companies at Central Station are known as Engine 1, Truck 1, and Rescue 1, this seems like a most logical move.

March 14, 2012:
Photos of the new Brush Truck being painted are posted on the website. Click HERE to see the new photos.

March 6, 2012:
Truck 7 is operating on Reserve Aerial 1, as of yesterday afternoon. The 2002 Pierce Quint is receiving some radiator repairs. Here is a great chance for photos of the 1975 American LaFrance Aerial at Station 7.

February 8, 2012:
The North Little Rock City Council is to award a bid at its February 13, 2012 meeting for a new apparatus for the N.L.R.F.D. Battalion Chief's vehicle. It appears that the new apparatus is to be a 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Long Wheel Base 4-Wheel Drive 3/4 Ton Extended Cab Pickup. Act 833 Funds will be used to pay for this vehicle. The new 924 is to have a camper shell and a roll-out type of shelffor equipment and records. It appears to be similar to vehicles used
for the Little Rock F.D.'s Battalion Chiefs. Click HERE to see the NLR City Council Resolution

January 2, 2012:
Photos of the "new" Brush Truck (A Former M35A3 Army 2 21/2 Ton Truck from the Forestry Commission) have been posted to the website. CLICK HERE

December 17, 2011:
The NLRFD Unofficial Website and the "Museum" portion of the website have been updated to include changes that were needed because of the Fire Vehicles that were sold in the NLR City Auction last month.

Also, the "new" Brush Truck has arrived at the NLRFD Central Station. The resolution for acquiring this vehicle stated that it would be a 1980's vintage truck.
Photos will follow in the next few days.
November 4, 2011:
The City of North Little Rock held its annual City Auction yesterday. Five NLRFD trucks were sold at the auction:
1- 1961 General Motors "Deuce and a Half" (Formerly Brush Truck 1)
2 - 1975 International / Fire Control Engineering of Ft. Worth Airport Emergency Truck
3 - 1976 International/ American LaFrance 1000 GPM Pumper
4 -1981 American LaFrance 1500 GPM Pumper
5- 1985 Seagrave Pumper 1250 GPM Pumper

October 26, 2011:
Here is a list of the apparatus from the N.L.R.F.D. and other Departments that were involved in the fire at Onyx Laboratories on Rowlett Road in North Little Rock on October 20, 2011 (These companies either responded to the fire itself, or filled in at N.L.R. Fire Stations during the fire.) Some units responding may not have been included:

Battaltion 924, Car 931 (Training Lieutenant), Hazmat 939, Unit 942 (Fire Marshal's Office), Unit 946 - (Fire Marshal's Office), Unit 949 (Ass't Chief), Engine 1, Engine 2, Engine 3, Engine 4, Engine 6, Engine 8, Engine 9 (Filled in at Station 6), Rescue 1, Truck 7, East Pulaski Vol. F.D. (Filled in At Station 10), Maumelle F.D. (Eng. 2 filled in at NLR Station 4), the Little Rock F.D. - which filled in at N.L.R. Central Station during the fire, Sherwood F.D. - Filled in at N.L.R. Station 9, and The Pulaski County OES.

October 13, 2011:
Photos of the N.L.R.F.D. Fire Fest - Click HERE to see the photo slide show.

The N.L.R.F.D. is to decommission several older Fire Apparatus currently on the roster of the N.L.R.F.D. They will be sold at the upcoming NLR City Auction.

1. 1961 General Motors Brush Truck (Former "Deuce and a Half" Army Truck)

2. 1975 International / Fire Control Engineering of Ft. Worth Airport Emergency Truck

3. 1976 International/ American LaFrance Pumper - 1000 GPM - Served as Engine 6 and Engine 10. In 1999 the truck was loaned to Beebe F.D. on a long-term loan
............It was returned to the NLRFD in Nov. 2010.

4. 1981 American LaFrance 1500 GPM Pumper. Served as Engine 7, Engine 9, and as a Reserve Pumper - Standby 101 and Standby 102.

5. 1985 Seagrave 1250 GPM Pumper - Served as Engine 3, Engine 10, as as a Reserve Pumper- Both as Standby 102 and 103.

September 28, 2011:
Engine 1 returned to its regular apparatus - after running on various reserve pumpers for more than two months! The 1996 E-One Custom returned to Central Station on Friday, September 23rd with a completely overhauled Diesel engine. It was discovered that the apparatus needed a new solenoid, which delayed its official return to front line duty, as Engine 1, for a few days.

September 10, 1011:
Photos of the 1995 E-One Hurricane 1250 Custom At Station 4 are now on the website. Click HERE for Engine 4's Homepage. Click HERE for Station 4's Webpage.

Physical Tests were being given this morning at the training tower to several applicants, who wish to become members of the N.L.R.F.D. Also, photos of the new N.L.R.F.D. Live Fire Multi Trainer System at the Training Tower. Click HERE to see the photos taken at the Training Tower this morning.

August 30, 2011:
Engine 1 is now operating on Standby Engine 102 ('92 Pierce Arrow 1250 GPM). Engine 9 has evidently returned to Station 9 as Engine 9. Engine 1's regular apparatus, the 1996 E-One Custom 1250, is still awaiting for its engine to finish an overhaul.

August 24, 2011:
By today, Engine 8 ('97 Freightliner/ Smeal) had returned to service; Standby Engines 101 and 103 remained in service.

August 22, 2011
Today found all three Reserve (Standby) Pumpers of the N.L.R.F.D. in service. The assignments were as follows: Standby Engine 101 ('95 E-One) - Filling in as Engine 10 at Station 10; Standby Engine 102 ('92 Pierce Arrow) - Filling In as Engine 8 at Station 8; Standby Engine 103 ('87 Pierce) - Filling in as Engine 9 at Station 9. Engine 9 (2001 Pierce Contender) is temporarily assigned to Central Station as Engine 1.

Engine 1's regular apparatus ('96 E-One Custom 1250 Pumper) is still awaiting return of its apparatus, pending a major overhaul of its Diesel engine.

August 21, 2011:
Engine 9 has been assigned temporarily to operate out of Central Station as Engine 1. This is because of overheating problems, and this
will have the 2001 Pierce 1250 Pumper located close to the NLRFD Repair Forces. Standby Engine 103 ('87 Pierce Arrow) is running as Engine 9.

August 10, 2011:
During Monday night (August 8th) through early Tuesday morning (August 9th), the N.L.R.F.D. responded to five structure fires. Four of the
fires were caused by lightning, and one was a kitchen fire. Click HERE to see Michael Cossey's photos of the incident on East C Street in Park Hill.
Little Rock F.D., Sherwood F.D., and East Pulaski F.D. were called for Mutual Aid. All N. L. R. F. D. Engine, Ladder and Rescue Companies were dispatched
to fires at the peak of these incidents.

N.L.R.F.D. Engine 1 ('96 E-One 1250 Custom) remains out of service due to its engine undergoing a major engine overhaul, due to failed bearings.

July 20, 2011:
Engine 1's regular apparatus, the 1996 E-One Custom 1250 GPM Pumper, remains out of service with major engine problems - A failed bearing.

The City Council Agenda for July 25, 2011 contains an item in regards to replacing the NLRFD's current brush truck (Brush 1). This apparatus is a 1961
General Motors 2 1/2 ton former U.S. Army "Deuce and a half" truck.
It is 50 years old, and is listed as inoperable at present in the NLR City Council Resolution.
Click HERE to read the Resolution for replacing the truck. The replacement truck is a 1980's U.S. Army truck (2 1/2 ton), which has been overhauled in 1999. It
will come from the Arkansas Forestry Commission in Greenbrier. It will be painted red, and will have equipment from the present Brush 1 mounted on its body.

The 1992 Pierce Arrow Custom (Former Engine 4) is now lettered "S102" for the designation of Standby Engine 102. Former Standby 102 (1995 E-One - Originally
Engine 6) is at Station 4.

July 13, 2011:
As of this morning, Rescue 5 (Station 5) is running on Standby Engine 103 while Rescue 5's apparatus undergoes some repairs.
Engine 1 continues to operate on Standby Engine 101 ('95 EOne - Former Engine 7). Engine 1's regular pumper has an engine bearing that has failed. It is
currently at a Diesel repair shop.

June 30, 2011:
Several items of interest to list today:
1 - The NLR City Council has given the approval to spend funds (A Homeland Security Grant and Act 833 Funds ) for new Computer Equipment for NLRFD
......Apparatus.) This equipment will be installed in 15 NLRFD Vehicles. Click HERE to read the NLR CIty Council Resolution.

2- Reserve Aerial 2 (1981 American LaFrance 100' Rear-Mount Aerial) has been filling in as Truck 7 at Station 7. It was observed late on June 29th still at
......Station 7.

3- Photos of the the current Standby Engines 101 and 103 are now posted on the website. Click on the Apparatus Menu, then click on Engines, and the the
appropriate Standby Engine.

4- The 1992 Pierce Arrow Pumper has been observed at Central - still lettered as Engine 4, but it looks probable that this apparatus will become Standby Engine 102.

June 22, 2011:
The Reserve Pumpers of the N.L.R.F.D. are apparently being reorganized. While Engine 1 was off track this morning, the 1987 Pierce Arrow Pumper, most recently
designated as "Standby Engine 101" was filling in as Engine 1. The 1987 Pierce Arrow is now designated as "Standby Engine 103" and is lettered as "S103" to reflect
this designation.

This morning, the 1995 E-One known most recently as "Standby Engine 103" (former Engine 7) was still lettered as Engine 7 at Central. Later this afternoon, however,
this apparatus was filling in for Engine 1, and is now lettered as "S101" and is designated as "Standby Engine 101."

The 1992 Pierce Arrow Pumper which has been assigned as Engine 4 was filling in as Engine 3 today. It has NOT been observed with any new numbering yet.

The 1995 E-One which has been known as "Standby Engine 102" (Former Engine 6) has been observed at Station 4. The large reflective "6" numerals are still
present, but smaller lettering has been changed to "Engine 4" on the sides of the pumper. It seems quite possible that this pumper may be in the process of
becoming Engine 4's permanent apparatus. This pumper does have high storage compartments on both sides of the body, and the 1992 Pierce only has high
storage compartments on the left side of its apparatus. The 1995 E-One is also air conditioned. More information on this will be posted as it becomes available.

June 5, 2011:
Station 5 has now reopened, and. Rescue 5 is running out of Station 5 again. Truck 7 has returned to Station 7, and has joined Engine 7 in running from
Station 7 again.

May 3, 2011:
Station 7 had plenty of fire apparatus at the station this afternoon: Engine 7 (2011 Ferrara Ember); Rescue 5 (2004 International/ Ferrara); Truck 7 (2002 Pierce
Platform/ Quint); Reserve Aerial 2 (1981 American LaFrance 100/ Aerial). Truck 7 had been temporarily assigned to fill in at Station 7, while Engine 7 and Rescue 5
both were at training. While Truck 7 was at Station 7, operating on Reserve Aerial 2, Truck 7's 2002 Pierce arrived and was ready to go back in service. It seems
that Truck 7 had swapped the 1975 American LaFrance Snorkel for the 1981 American LaFrance rear mount aerial at some point.

May 2, 2011:
Truck 7 has been operating on Reserve Aerial 1 for the last few days. Truck 7's 2002 Pierce Platform/ Quint is undergoing repairs for a leaking power steering
pump. Station 5 is temporarily closed so that approved repairs can begin on its structure. During the interim, Rescue 5 is operating out of Station 7 with
Engine 7. Truck 7 has temporarily relocated to Station 8.

April 18, 2011:
Former Engine 6 (1995 E-One 1250 Custom), which is now Standby Engine 102 has already seen its first two assignments as a reserve pumper. Its first assignment
was filling in as Engine 2. For the last few days, it has been filling in as Engine 9, while Engine 9 undergoes repairs.

March 24, 2011:
Funds have been appropriated by the NLR City Council for the Repair and Restoration of NLR Fire Station No 5 the "Park Hill" Station.
Click HERE to Read the NLR City Council Resolution

March 11, 2011:
The 1995 E-One 1250 Pumper formerly assigned as Engine 6 is now Standby Engine 102, and the 1995 E-One pumper formerly assigned as Engine 7 is now Standby
Engine 103. The 1981 American LaFrance Pumper, and the 1985 Seagrave Pumper are presently unassigned pumpers
, both of which are still on inventory.
February 24, 2011:
Truck 1's 2006 Ferrara 106' Rear Mount Quint was observed back in service early this morning.

February 22, 2011:
Truck 1 is now operating on Reserve Truck 2 - A
1981 American LaFrance 100' rear mount aerial. Reserve Truck 2 served as Truck 1A (later Truck 1) for 24 years
before being replaced by the present Truck 1. The 2006 Ferrara is undergoing brake repairs at Central.

February 13, 2011:
New Photos of
Engine 6's New Ferrara/ Ember 1250 GPM Custom Pumper at Station 6 are now posted on the website. Click HERE to view the photos.

February 11, 2011:
NLRFD apparatus were still running with chains this morning, but some companies, which were
observed this afternoon, had shed their chains due to improved
road conditions. Several new photos of Engine 7 and Station 7 were added to the website today. (See Engine 7 and Station 7's home pages. The webpage with
"more information and photos of Engine 7" on Engine 7's homepage has quite a few new photos, also.)

Februry 7, 2011:
Engine 6's New Ferrara pumper went in service today, February 7, 2011.
The two 1995 E-One Hurricane Custom Pumpers (Former Engines 6 & 7), are both
in a state of transition at present. They are being prepared to be placed in service as Reserve Pumpers.

February 3, 2011:
Engine 7's New Ferrara/ Ember Custom Pumper went in service as Engine 7 today. Due to the lack of light and
extreme cold, photos were not made of the
new pumper at Station 7 today. As soon a the sun returns and weather moderates a bit, photos of Engine 7's new apparatus at Station 7 will be posted to
this website.

Engine 7's former pumper, the 1995 E-One Hurricane 1250 Custom Pumper will soon be designated as a Reserve Pumper in the N.L.R.F.D. It was parked in
a heated bay at Central yesterday, as was Engine 6's new Ferrara. The 1981 American LaFrance pumper and the 1985 Seagrave pumper were both stored
at Old Station 8, which did allow for heated storage with the extreme cold.

It appears that the E-One pumpers (Engines 6 and 7) will both be designated as reserve pumpers after the new pumpers are placed in service. Watch this
website for more information about their status. Information will be posted as soon as Engine 6's new Ferrara is placed in service, also.

January 29, 2011: The two new Ferrara Ember Custom Pumpers arrived late last night at N.L.R.F.D. Central Station. Click HERE for photos made of the
two new pumpers on the morning of January 29, 2011.

As of this morning (January 29, 2011), Engine 7 is still operating on Standby Engine 101. (1987 Pierce Arrow Custom).

January 28, 2011: The two new Ferrara Ember Custom 1250 pumpers left the Ferrara factory in Holden, LA sometime this afternoon. They should
arrive in North Little Rock sometime tonight. Photos tonight will most likely be of very poor quality; therefore, photos of the new pumpers should
be posted on this website sometime tomorrow (January 29, 2011.)

Engine 7 was observed operating on Standby Engine 101 (1987 Pierce Arrow) late this afternoon. It will be interesting to see if Engine 7's new Ferrara
is placed in service first, or if Engine 7's current apparatus, the 1995 E-One Hurricane Custom 1250 is back in service before the Ferrara goes in service.

January 12, 2011: The two new pumpers on order from Ferrara Fire Apparatus Company continue to take shape at the Ferrara factory.
Ferrara is updat
ing the photos on their website once every 2-3 days as of late. Click HERE to see construction photos of pumper H-4699
Click HERE to see construction photos of pumper H-4700

7, 2011: Photos from Ferrara's Website were updated again today. The two new N. L. R. F. D. pumpers are really being put together at a very fast
pace! Click HERE to see construction photos of pumper H-4699
........ Click HERE to see construction photos of pumper H-4700

January 4, 2011: Photos of the two new N . L . R. F. D. pumpers under construction at Ferrara Fire Apparatus Company in Holden, LA have been placed on the
Ferrara Website. (

Click HERE to see construction photos of the first of the two identical pumpers. This pumper has a construction number of H-4699.
Click HERE to see construction photos of the second of the two identical pumpers. This pumper has a construction number of H-4700.

December 21, 2010:
Engine 1 was observed operating on Standby Engine 101 today. Rreasons for the '96 E-One being out of service are unknown as of now.

Engine 7 has operated on Standby 101 for a number of days lately. Numerous repairs were performed on the 1995 E-One. This apparatus
(the 1995 E-One) is a high-mileage vehicle, which reflects the number of runs it has made as Engine 7, since it went it service in Feburary 1995.

November 16, 2010:
A North Little Rock. F.D. pumper on long-term loan was returned to the NLRFD today. A 1976 International/ American LaFrance pumper that was
loaned to the Beebe, AR Fire Dept. after the 1999 tornado was returned to North Little Rock today. It was parked on the back lot of Central Fire
Station this afternoon. The addition of present Engine 2 (1999 Spartan
/ E-One to the roster) made this pumper available for the long-term loan.

November 15, 2010:
The date for the North Little Rock Christmas Parade has been set for Sunday, December 5, 2010 at 2:00 p.m.

The North Little Rock City Council appropriated $1,868.00 to purchase a trailer for the new Emergency Utility Vehicle - A 2010 Kimteck Polaris Ranger.
Click HERE to read the City Council Resolution.

Friday, November 12, 2010 found Engine 2, a 1999 Spartan/ E-One at Central for major brake repairs. Standby Engine 103, a 1985 Seagrave pumper, is
filling in at Station 2 as Engine 2. It will be interesting to see what the last assignment of the '85 Seagrave and the '81 American LaFrance pumpers ends
up being, since both of these old pumpers will most likely be decommissioned after the two new pumpers arrive in February 2011.

October 21, 2010:
The 1959 American LaFrance Pumper, which had been on the equipment roster for over 50 years, was recently sold at the annual city auction. It was
purchased by an individual who reportedly has a great interest in fire apparatus, and hopefully will give the old pumper a very good home. Most recently,
the pumper had been stored at the city yards, with a tarp covering it. This truck was originally Engine 5, and later was exchanged with Engine 3's pumper,
a 1947 American LaFrance. The 1959 American LaFrance was Engine 3 until 1982, when it became Engine 8. In 1985, it became a Reserve Pumper. Its
last assignment was as a parade pumper.

The lastest word on the two new Ferrara Pumpers, which are on order is that delivery will most likely now be in mid February 2011.

October 7, 2010:
The Annual NLRFD Fire Fest was held on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at the Kroger Store at McCain and North Hills. Most area fire departments were
represented at the event. Click HERE for a photo slideshow of Fire Fest

September 11, 2010:
Engine 7 returned to its regular apparatus on Thursday, September 9, 2010, after six days on Standby Engine 101.

September 5, 2010:
Station 7 is an "All Pierce Station" for the next few days. Engine 7 is operating on Standby Engine 101, a 1987 Pierce Arrow pumper, while Truck 7
operates on its regular apparatus, a 2002 Pierce 100' Platform. Engine 7's regular apparatus, a 1995 E-One, is having a broken right rear spring
repaired. Engine 7 has been operating on a reserve apparatus since Friday, September 3rd - perhaps a day earlier.
August 25, 2010:
Truck 7 returned to its regular apparatus late yesterday afternoon (8-24-2010). The 2002 Pierce Platform/ Quint had been undergoing repairs at Central.

August 16, 2010:
Truck 7 is again operating on Reserve Aerial 1, the 1975 American LaFrance Snorkel. Truck 7's 2002 Pierce Platform/ Quint is undergoing brake repairs
at Central.

ugust 6, 2010:
ruck 7's 2002 Pierce Aerial Platform/ Quint was observed back in service at Station 7 late in the afternoon of August 6th. The 2002 Pierce had been out of
service so that minor repairs could be repaired.

_6, 2010:
The 2006 Ferrara 107
' Aerial/ Quint of the N.L.R.F.D. was observed back in service as Truck 1 this morning. This ended three days with both reserve aerials in
service. The 2006 Ferrara had returned to the Ferrara factory in Holden, LA to repair damage from a collision on June 26, 2010. (This collision was not the
fault of the N.L.R.F.D.)

August 3, 2010:
Rescue 5's 2004 International/ Ferrara Heavy Rescue had to be taken 'off the tr
ack' for repairs sometime over the weekend of July 31st/ August 1st. Standby
Engine 103 (1985 Seagrave) filled in as Rescue 5.
This is only the second time that a pumper has filled in as Rescue 5, since the pumper at Station 5 was replaced
by a rescue unit in the fall of 1992. (The first time was on
February 16, 2008.) Rescue 5 returned to their regular apparatus, the 2004 International/ Ferrara
Heavy Rescue with a 1000 GPM pump, this afternoon.

Truck 7 exchanged apparatus today as well. Truck 7 is now operating on Reserve Aerial 1, the 1975 American LaFrance snorkel. Both ladder companies in the
city are now operating on a reserve aerial apparatus. Click HERE for photos of Truck 7 as equipment was exchanged between the two aerials this morning.

A new apparatus
has arrived at the North Little Rock Fire Department. It is a 2010 FIRELITE Transport Deluxe FDH-10 mounted on a a KIMTEK Polaris Ranger 4x4.
This apparatus was purchased with a grant received by the N.L.R.F.D. There is no
information on a unit designation or a station assignment for the new vehicle.
Click HERE for photos of the Kimtek Polaris Ranger 4X4.

July 20, 2010:
A gasoline tank truck overturned yesterday afternoon on I
-40 West between the Burns Park and Crystal Hill exits. Fortunately, the truck's cargo
remained intact. Engines 8, 2 and 1
, Hazmat 939, Command 1, Battalion 924, Units 950, 949 and 942 responded to the incident. Oak Grove
F. D
also responded. The westbound lanes of I-40 remained closed from the Burns Park exit to the Crystal Hill Exit until sometime past midnight.

July 13, 2010:
N.L.R.F.D. Truck 1's apparatus, a 2006 Ferrara 107' Aerial/ Quint left
North Little Rock on a flat-bed truck today, headed for the Ferrara factory in
Holden, LA. Damage to the aerial (from the accident on June 26, 2010) will be determined and repaired.

July 7, 2010:
Truck 1 continues to operate on Reserve Aerial 2 ('81 American LaFrance 100' rear mount aerial) while the 2006 Ferrara awaits repairs due to
the collision on June 26, 2010. (This collision was not the fault of the NLRFD.)

June 29, 2010:

Truck 1's regular apparatus, the 2006 Ferrara 107' rear mount aerial/ quint, was damaged in the early morning hours of Saturday, June 26, 2006.
Truck 1 was returning to its quarters at Central Station when it was struck by another vehicle at 14th and Main Streets. The NLRFD was not at
fault in this collision in any way whatsoever. The 2006 Ferrara will be out of service until repairs to the apparatus are completed.

June 19, 2010:
A commercial structure fire occured on the morning of Saturday, June 19, 2010 at MJ Communications on East 43rd Street. Initially, Engines 7, 9, 6, Truck 7
Rescue 5, Battalion 924 and Unit 931 responded to the fire. Engine 7 reported seeing smoke at McCain and U.S. 67/167. Engine 7 caught a plug and laid a 5
inch supply line to the fire. A fourth pumper was soon requested, and Engine 10 was dispatched to the fire. At some point during the incident, the following
engine companies were also dispatched: Engines 1, 2, 3, and 4. East Pulaski F.D. filled in at NLRFD Station 10. NLR Engine 8 filled in a Station 6. NLR Engine 6's
crew returned to Station 6 on Engine 4's apparatus, since Engine 6 had hose lines attached. Crews were rotated frequently, because of the heat and
humidity. A local televsion station reported on its 10:00 pm Saturday evening newscast that one firefighter was taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion,
but was released after treatment. MEMS had 3 trucks on the scene at one point.

Click HERE for photos of the fire at MJ Communcations.

On Saturday evening, the same companies that were initially dispatched on this fire (Engines 7, 9, 6 Truck 7, Rescue 5 and Battalion 924), were dispatched
for yet another commerical structure fire - a fire in the laundry room - at Fox Ridge Retirement Center at 17 Parkstone Circle. Engine 3 was dispatched
soon thereafter. Taking residents to safety and dealing with some degree of smoke were the two main issues that faced firefighters at Parkstone Circle.
The fire was extinguished by the time that the NLRFD arrived.

June 14, 2010:
All three reserve pumpers of the NLRFD were in service on June 9th and June 10th (2010). Engine 2 was already operating on Standby Engine 101,
while its air conditioning was repaired. Engine 10 began experiencing problems on June 9th, so Standby Engine 103 was dispatched to Station 10
to fill in. Later on June 9th, Engine 4 ('92 Pierce Arrow 1250) also needed to come off line for repairs. Standby Engine 102 was sent to Station 4 as
Engine 4's apparatus. By the afternoon of June 11th, both Engine 2 and Engine 4 had returned to their regular pumpers. Engine 10's 2001 Pierce
Contender returned to service during the afternoon of Monday, June 14th.

Click HERE to see photos of all three NLRFD Standby Pumpers in service at the same time. The photos were made on June 10th.

June 5, 2010:
As of early this morning, Truck 7 is operating out of Station 7 again, and Engine 9 has returned to its quarters. Click HERE for photos of Engine 9, when
it was operating temporarily out of Station 7.

May 28, 2010:
Engine 9 is now operating out of Station 7, while repairs are made to N.L.R.F.D. Station 9.
.There are now two engine companies assigned to
Station 7, since Engine 7 continues to operate out of Station 7. Truck 7 is now operating temporarily out of Station 8, along with Engine 8. These
temporary changes were made on Thursday, May 27, 2010. Command 1, which normally is housed at Station 8, is temporarily stationed at Central Station.

May 13, 2010:
Bid specifications from the North Little Rock Commerce Department indicate that bids will be opened at 10:00am on May 27, 2010 for some new
NLRFD pumpers. Basic specifications call for a top-mounted 1250 GPM pump, numerous compartments, 500 gallon tanks, and roll-up compartment
doors. Two pumpers are mentioned, with the option for purchasing a third pumper "at the same price."

April 16, 2010:
An update on the companies of the N.L.R.F.D. that responded to the incident at Tenebaum Recycling on West Bethany Road on April 11th and April 12th:
At some point during the incident, the following apparatus responded: Engines 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10; Trucks 1, 7; Rescues 1, 5; Unit 950, Unit 949, Unit 924,
Unit 942, Unit 931. Standby Engine 101 was at Station 10 as Engine 10 at some point, quite possibly while Engine 10's hose was still on the ground at
the fire. Little Rock's Truck 7 filled in at NLR Central Station, and Sherwood Truck 1 filled in at NLR Station 7. East Pulaski F. D. and Scott F. D. provided
water tankers for water shuttle to the incident. (Available hydrants were used as well.)

April 13, 2010:
Note: More information will be added t
o the entry below, as it becomes available. (Please see April 15, 2010 above)
A hugh fire was visible over much of North Little Rock on the afternoon of Sunday,
April 11, 2010. A fire broke at at Tenenbaum Recycling on West Bethany Road.
Black smoke was visible for miles. The North Little Rock Fire Department responded with Engines 2, 7, 10, Truck 1, Rescue 1, Battalion 924 and Unit 931. Unit 950,
and Truck 7 also responded. North Little Rock Engine 4 was seen filling in at Station 7 on Monday morning. The Little Rock F.D. sent an aerial company to fill in at
N.L.R. Central Station. The Sherwood F.D. sent an aerial company to fill in at N.L.R.F.D. Station 7, as well. East Pulaski F.D. and Scott F. D. sent tankers to run water
shuttle for the incident. The N.L.R.F.D. was on the scene unti some time on Monday, April 12th. Again, additional information on this incident will be added as it
becomes available.
Click HERE for Photos of the 4-11-2010 fire.

April 13, 2010:
The Arkansas Democrat- Gazette reports this morning that the North Little Rock City Council approved a $5 million dollar bond issue last night for capital improvements;
a $2 million dollar bond issue for parks was also approved. Funds for two badly needed pumpers for the N.L.R.F.D. were included in the capital improvements bond issue.
More information on the bond issue and funds for the N.L.R.F.D. will be given here, as it becomes available.

February 26, 2010:
Standby Rescue 16, a 1991 Ford F350 Diesel/ Taylor Ambulance Rescue unit caught fire on February 25, 2010. The apparatus was parked outside of
N.L.R.F.D. Station 10 when the fire occurred. The interior of the cab portion of the apparatus was heavily damaged. The TaylorMade Ambulance
portion (the body) seems to be unharmed by the fire. Rescue 16 was received by the N.L.R.F.D. in late 1990, although it was a 1991 year-model
apparatus. It was assigned as Rescue 19. Rescue 19 is now Rescue 1. The apparatus went to Station 10 to pull the boat assigned to Station 10
upon the arrival of the 2002 Freightliner/ E-One Heavy Rescue, which is the current Rescue 1.

Standby Rescue 16 has filled in for Rescue 1 and Rescue 5 on numerous occasions, when the regular apparatus of these companies has been in the
shop for repairs. Although a few apparatus have received paint damage when fighting major structure fires through the years, this is the first N.L.R.F.D.
apparatus to actually catch on fire in the 106 year history of the N.L.R.F.D.

Click HERE for photos of Rescue 16 after the fire.

January 20, 2010:
A residential structure fire occured at 1418 Parker Street on Satur
day morning, January 16, 2010. Engines 1, 6, Truck 1 and Rescue 1 responded.
A second alarm resulted in Engine 8 being dispatched as well.

A link to Arkansas Online follows:
... Information below the photo in this link
states that the fire was started by children
at play outside the house. Photos on a local Televsion station during the weekend showed substantial
damage to this residential structure.

January 10, 2010
The NLR City Budget for 2010 currently contains no funds for apparatus for the N.L.R.F.D. - with
the present economic situation for the city.
The Fire Station Construction Grant for new NLR Fire Station 11 still
shows as "Under Agency Review" on North Little Rock's City Website.
(These funds would be from the Economic Recovery Act.)

December 2, 20
Rescue 5 has been out of service for a few days now. Rescue
16 (1990 Ford/ Taylor Made - A former Rescue 19) is filling it at Station 5.

Nov. 1, 2009
The torrential rain storms that hit Central A
rkansas and North Little Rock on Thursday evening (October 29, 2009) resulted in all 9 Engine

, both Ladder companies, and both Heavy Rescue Companies being dispatched at some point during the evening. Many companies
were dispatched multiple times to rescue citizens from flooded residences, or from vehicles in high
waters. At some point, Standby Engine 103
was placed in service for a period of time. Standby Engine 101 was already filling in as Rescue 1.

October 4, 2009:
The Annual N.L.R.F.D. Fire Fest is Tuesday, October 6, 2009 on the Kroger Parking Lot - McCain & North Hills
The NLR Times report that Fire Fest will start at 5:00 p.m. and run for "At least three hours."

The 1979 Mack Pumper
, which was donated to the N.L.R.F.D. is now decked out in a new coat of pink and white
, and seems virtually ready, if not completely ready to be involved in the 'Race For The Cure' on October 17th.

September 19, 2009:
A 1979 Mack Pumper has arrived at the N.L.R.F.D. It was donated
to the N.L.R.F.D. - At no cost to taxpayers - and
will become the Department's Breast Cancer Awareness Pumper. It is in the process of being repainted for its
new assignment.

Photos of the process will be posted shortly.

August 24, 2009:
The following Resolution - R-09-137 is to be presented at tonight's NLR City Council Meeting. This Resolution
appropriates up to $60,000 for site preparation for the new N.L.R.F.D. Station 11 in eastern NLR.

Click Here to Read Resolution R-09-137

July 8, 2009
Engine 10 has returned to its regular apparatus as of today.

Several Webpages of this website have been updated:
1 - Engine 2's Webpage
2- Station 2's Webpage
3 - Hazmat Operations at Station 2 - Unit 938 now handles Hazmat and Decon Special Trailers.
4 - A Webpage has been added for Unit 937, now the Special Operations Truck at Central.
................Also a menu item "Special Operations" has been added under the Apparatus Menu, since
................Trench and Collapse Rescue now operate on Unit 937
out of Central Station
5 -
Engine 9's Webpage has been updated with recent photos.
6 - Standby Engine 101's Webpage has updated photos.
7 - A
n updated photo of the Special Operations Trailer at Central has been added to Unit 937's Webpage.

June 25, 2009
Work is now underway for the replacement of the Engine Room Doors at Central Fire Station. The North Little
Rock City Council approved ordinance
0-09-33 on April 27, 2009. This ordinance appropriated $20,903.59 from
Act 833 funds for the purpose of paying for new Engine Room Doors at Central. The new doors will
be identical
in appearance to the doors that are being replaced, since Central Fire Station is in the Argenta Historic District.

Truck 1 returned to their regular apparatus a few days ago.

Reserve Aerial 1 was at Central today while its ladders received their annual test. (All ladders, aerial and ground
receive an annual test.) All apparatus in the N.L.R.F.D. have already had ladders tested, or will in the near future.
May 31, 2009:
Friday, May 29, 2009 found Standby Engine 101 filling in as Engine 10 of the NLRFD.
A multi-agency response occured Friday afternoon (5-29-09). A report
of a person in the Arkansas River
resulted in the response of NLRFD Battalion Chief 924, Rescue 1 and Engine 1 to the Arkansas River launch
area near I-30 in downtown NLR. LRFD Battalion 2, Rescue 2, Water Rescue 2, and Engine 2 responded. MEMS
Units 417 and 954 also were on scence. Click HERE for a photo slideshow of the incident.

May 22, 2009:
Reserve Aerial 2, the 1981 American LaFrance is filling in as Truck 1 for
the next several days. Broken front
suspension parts were discovered on the 2006 Ferrara 107' Aerial Quint. It is now on the way to the Ferrara
factory in Louisiana for repairs. This is a great opportunity to get photos of the 1981 American LaFrance,
while it is in service again. This old aerial is 28 years old!

March 23, 2009
: The North Little Rock City Council will consider Resolution R9-48:


March 20, 2009: A residential structure fire occured this morning on West 16th Street. Engines 3, 1, 6, Truck1,
Rescue 5, Battalion 924 and the Fire Marshall's Office responded to the alarm. The N.L.R.F.D. made an excellent
'stop' on this fire. Click
HERE for photos of the incident.

February 2, 2009:
Robert Mauldin, former Assistant Chief of the North Little Rock Fire Department, became Chief of the North
Little Rock Fire Department on February 1, 2009.

January 31, 2009:
A Retirement Celebration was held for Chief
Joe McCall of the NLRFD at the Hayes Senior Citizen Center on
Friday, January 30, 2009. Chief McCall
began his career with the North Little Rock Fire Department in 1972.
He became Assistant Chief of the NLRFD in 2000, and was appointed Chief in 2002.

January 22, 200
Rescue 1's Freightliner/ E-One returned to service on 1/16/09.

January 14, 2009:
scue 1's 'Jake' brake is being repaired. Standby Engine 101 has been assigned as Rescue 1 since January 12th
until Rescue 1's regular apparatus returns to service.

December 17, 2008:
Engine 2 will soon be back in service
, and will be sporting a new light bar. Photos will follow when E2 is back
in service. Standby Eng. 101 is now filling in as Engine 2.

December 10, 2008:
residential structure fire occured today in the 400 block of Division Street. Arriving companies found the
structure fully involved. Engines 1, 3, 6, Truck 1 and Rescue 1 all responded along with Battalion Chief 924.
Units 931 and 942
were also on scene.

Engine 7 returned to i
ts regular apparatus yesterday.

December 6, 2008:
A gasoline tanker carrying approximately 8,000 gallons of gasoline overturned shortly after 5:30 PM on
December 4th.
The contents of the tanker did ignite, causing a fire that was visible for quite some distance.
The NLRFD dispatched several companies to the scene. Engines 8, 6, 4 2, Rescue 5, Haz Mat 939, and Unit 924
(Battalion Chief) were dispatched during the incident. Units 950 and 931 also responded. The fire kept Highway
I-30 closed for some time. The west-bound lanes were still closed at approximately 10:00 PM.

Engine 7 has been operating on Standby Engine 103, while Engine 7's 1995 E-One undergoes some repairs.
Here is an opportunity for Seagrave fans to get a shot of the NLRFD's last Seagrave apparatus in service.
November 5, 2008:
Standby Engine 103 is back in service.

November 4, 2
Engine 10 returned to Station 10 today.
Standby Engine 103 continues to undergo repairs.

ober 30, 2008:
Standby Engine 103 filled in for Engine 10 beginning on
October 28th. Engine is undergoing radiator repairs.
On October 30th, Standby Engine 103 was taken 'off the track' for front wheel repairs
. Standby Engine 101
is currently at Station 10 as Engine 10, until the 2001 Pierce Contender Custom is ready for service.

October 19, 2008:
FireFest is Tuesday, October 21st on the Parking Lot of Krogers at McCain and North Hills.
Check the Webpage o
n Reserve Fire Apparatus in Service for Recent Entries.

October 6, 2008:
Reserve (Standby) Engine 101 is filling in at Station 3. Engine 3's 2004 Pierce Custom Contender Pumper is
undergoing brake repairs

North Little Rock's
Annual FIreFest will be Tuesday, October 21, 2008.

September 27, 2008:
Photos of the two 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrids are now available for viewing. Click HERE for photos
of The new Unit 950. Click HERE for photos of The new Unit 949.

August 25, 2008:
The NLRFD recently took delivery of at least one of two new staff vehicles. The 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrids
are the first Toyota vehicles that the NLRFD has owned
. These are also the first hybrids owned by the Department.
The City of North Little Rock
City Council Resolution Number R-08-129 launched a "Green Agenda" for the
City. (See link below). The hybrid vehicles are quite possibly in response to this resolution.

Engine 7 has been operating on Standby Engine 101 since Friday, Augut 22, 2008. For any "Pierce Fans," this would
be a great opportunity to get a photo of Station 7, with a Pierce Aerial and
Pierce Pumper at Station 7 for the time being.

August 5, 2008:
The NLR City Council accepted a bid by Sunbelt Fire, Inc. for $59, 2
79.00 for eleven thermal imaging cameras
for the NLRFD. The funds will be provided by Act 833 Funds. This action was passed at the July 28, 2008 City
Council Meeting.

July 14, 2008:
A Fuel Spill incident occurred on the afternoon of July 11, 2008 at the Phillips 66 Station at North Hills and
McCain. The Diesel fuel tank on a soft drink delivery truc
k developed a leak, which resulted in the North
Little Rock Fire Department
responding with Engines 7, 2, Hazmat 939 and Battalion 924. Click HERE to see
Photos of the incident. An Apparatus Video of HM 939 leaving the scene at North Hills and McCain has also
been added to the website: Click HERE to view
the video.

July 3, 2008:
Rescue 1 received a new 'No Smoke' Exhuast System on July 1, 2008. Stanby Engine 101 filled in as Rescue 1.
Engine 1
received a new 'No Smoke' Exhuast System on June 30, 2008. Stanby Engine 101 filled in as Engine 1.

A structure fire occured on June 26, 2008 at 4717
West Drive. The NLRFD did a tremendous job of saving this
, and confining the fire to the structure, a garage, that was adjoined to the house via an overhead
walkway. Click on FIRES on the Drop Down Menu
at the top of this webpage for photos of the fire.

June 4, 2008:
Engine 2's 1999 Spartan/ E-One 1250 Pumper returned to service on Monday,
June 2, 2008.
Engine 8 is operating on Standby Engine 103, as of Tuesday, June 3, 2008.

May 23, 2008:
The Agenda for the 5-27-08 North Little Rock City Council Meeting conta
s Resolution R-08-77, which provides
for the Mayor and Fire Chief of North Little Rock to enter into a Mutual
Aid Agreement with the East Pulaski
Fire Department.

Engine 2 is operating on Standby Engine 101 as of May 23, 2008. The 1999 Spartan
/ E-One is undergoing
power steering repairs.

May 13, 2008:
Engine 4 is operating on Standby Engine 101 again, while pump repairs (packing, etc.)
are carried out on the
1992 Pierce Arrow Custom 1250.

April 29, 2008:
Engine 4 is now operating on Standby Engine 101. The pump plumbing on Engine 4's 1992 Pierce Arrow Custom is
some repairs.

April 23, 2008:
The agenda for the April 28, 2008 North Little Rock City Council Meeting contains a resolution (R-08-56) to
appropriate $87,000.00 for the purchase of 2.261 acres 'more or less' at the intersection of Michaela Drive
and Judy Drive. The intent is for a new North Little Rock Fire Station
to be constructed on this site.

Click HERE to see a Google Map of this location.

Click HERE for the Web Page of the new NLR Fire Station.

R-08-46, which addressed funds for several items, including some Staff Cars for the NLRFD, was held
at the 4-14-08 City Council Meeting.

April 16, 2008:
6 is operating on Standby Engine 103; Engine 10 is now operating on its regularly assigned
apparatus - the 2001 Pierce Contender 1250 Custom.

April 14, 2008:
Engine 10 is operating on Standby Engine 101 as of April 14, 2008.

April 13, 2008:
A structure fire occured on April 12, 2008 in Park Hill in the 3400 Block of
Poplar Street. This was - literally - right
behind Station 5's Engine House. Rescue 5
was used to pump at the fire. Engines 6, 9, Truck 7, and Battalion 924
responded to this fire. Terri Cossey (Michael Cossey / made some excellent photos of this
incident. These photos were very generously passed along to this website. Click HERE to view the slide show.

April 3, 2008:
The North Little Rock Fire Department has been involved in the rescue and recovery effort on the
Arkansas River on April 2nd and 3rd (2008). Apparatus involved includes: Engine 1, Engine 4,
Engine 8, Command 1, Rescue 1, Rescue 5, The J. W. Springer, The M. J. Bevans, 950, 949, 935 and 931.

March 28, 2008:
The webpage for Station 10 has updated photos of Engine 1
The webpage of Station 10 has been updated
with photos of the Rescue Boat assigned to Station 10.

March 25, 2008:
A memorial tribute to Lt. Jerry Dial has been added to the web
site. It may be viewed from the home page of the

Engine 10 now has its own

March 23, 2008:
The agenda for the NLR CIty Council Meeting on
Monday, March 24, 2008 contains a Resolution for the
appropriation of $8,674.00 of Act 833 Funds for a Ward No Smoke Diesel Exhaust Removal System for
NLRFD Engine 4. (Engine 4 is a 1992 Pierce Arrow Custom 1250 Pumper.)

Also, $6151.21
of Act 833 Funds is to be appropriated at this same NLR City Council Meeting for the replacement
of ceiling tiles at NLRFD Station 7.

22, 2008:
Brake repairs were carried out today on Rescue 5's 2004 International/Ferrara. Standby Rescue 16 filled in
at Station 5.

February 21, 2008:
Rescue 5 operated on Standby Rescue 16 while the 2004 International/ Ferrara
heavy rescue received
additional repairs on February 20, 2008.

February 19, 2008:
Truck 1
's Ferrara 107' Aerial /Quint was undergoing some warranty work today. While this was taking place,
Truck 1 operated
on Reserve Aerial 2, the 1981 American LaFrance 100' rear mount aerial, which was
Truck 1 (and Truck 1A) from 1982 until 2006.

February 16, 2008:
A bit of 'history' was made in the NLRFD yesterday. For the first time in sixteen years
, a conventional pumper was
assigned to Station 5. Standby Engine 101, a 1987 Pierce Arrow, filled in while the 2004 International/ Ferrara
received some minor repairs. Rescue 5 was back on their regular appara
tus by late afternoon. Click HERE for a
photo of Rescue 5 on its way to Central Station
to pick up the Ferrara Heavy Rescue/ Pumper after repairs had been

February 4, 2008:
The North LIttle Rock Fire Department was called on for Mutual Aid this afternoon by the Oak Grove V. F. D.
for a
structure fire on Lumsden Road, which is intersects with Crystal Hill Road. KTHV Channel 11's Website
describe the facility as an auto repair yard. Evidently several automobiles and other items were stored inside
the building. North Little Rock Companies responding
to the structure fire included: Engines 4 and 8, Truck 7,
948, 946, 942, 924, 935, and 931.

January 30, 2008:
The North Little Rock City Council
meeting of January 28, 2008 provided approval for the expenditure of some
of the Act 833 Funds allocated to the NLRFD this year. The funds will go for remodeling of the Kitchen Facilities
at Station 1 (Central), unspecified remodeling at Station 3, and for repair work at Station 7.

Rescue 1 operated on Standby Engine 101 yesterday (January 29, 2008)
while minor repairs were applied
to the 2002 Freightliner/ E-One Heavy Rescue, which is Rescue 1's
regular apparatus.

January 16,
Rescue 1 is operating on the 2002 Freightliner/ E-One Heavy Rescue - its
regularly assigned apparatus.

January 15, 2008:
Rescue 1 is operating on Standby Engine 101
as of today. Rescue 1's Freightliner/ E-One is undergoing fuel pump

January 14, 200
Engine 2 has returned to the 1999 Spartan/ E-One 1250 GPM Pumper,
its regularly assigned apparatus.

January 7, 2008:
Engine 2 is operating on Standby Engine 101 as of to
day, January 7, 2008.